„During the health emergency, Medicare paid the same rate for a telehealth visit as a face-to-face visit, given the unique circumstances of the pandemic,“ Administrator Verma wrote. „Outside of the pandemic, Medicare pays for telemedicine services for services similar to those of hospital specialists for similar services.“ „Additional analyses could be carried out to determine the level of resources associated with telehealth visits outside of a public health emergency and to indicate the extent to which payment rate adjustments need to be made,“ Verma said. The amount allowed is refunded to the payer for benefits that are defined as covered or defined in the network. This rate may not fully cover supplier fees. And patients can be responsible for covering the balance between the amount allowed and the offer fee. Given the significant increase in the use of telemedicine services, CMS will consider perpetuating some transitional expansions of Medicare telehealth, in order to promote innovation while guaranteeing the „golden standard, care for people“. „In these unprecedented times, telemedicine has proven to be a vital artery for health care providers and patients,“ Verma said. „The rapid introduction of telemedicine among providers and patients has shown that telemedicine stays here. CmS continues to ensure that government supports innovation in telehealth, which uses modern technologies to improve the patient experience and ensure more accessible care. Also on April 11, 2020, CMS, DOL and the Ministry of Finance issued guidelines for health plans, which clarify coverage requirements for private payers in the CARES Act and THE FFCRA.

According to the bills, commercial health plans are needed to allow access to COVID 19 tests and visits for the treatment of the virus through medical offices, emergency centres and emergency services available free of charge. CMS also stated that the mandates will be extended to antibody testing once they are made more readily available.