A production licence grants exclusive rights for exploration, exploration drilling and oil development in the area covered by the licence. It also regulates other rights and obligations of licensees vis-à-vis the Norwegian state. Production licences complement the provisions of the legislation and set detailed conditions for activities in a given region. Licensees become owners of a share of the oil and gas produced in proportion to their share of ownership. An example of a standard production license with annexes is available on the website of the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy. (1) Previously, the 2004/17/EU Directive was repealed by the European Parliament and Council`s 26 February 2014 Directive on the procurement of companies in the water, energy, transport and postal sectors. Unofficial translations of standard documents relating to oil activities: the JOA contains thresholds for the operator`s mandate to enter into contracts. Before a contract is concluded in which the operator expects it to exceed 50 million kronor (or 25 million kronor for a single source purchase), the operator must submit a proposal for a decision to the management committee regarding a specific contract strategy, including bid lists and supplier approval. Notwithstanding these thresholds, the committee may also charge the operator with contracts below these limits. The short time frame for reaching such decisions should encourage the parties to the joint venture to get involved in the process at an early stage (i.e.

during the contract strategy decision-making process) and to actively obtain information. As noted above, both the management committee and the joint venture partners must have access to market information on demand. It is customary for applicants to enter into group application agreements in licensing cycles. These agreements must not provide for conditions that could affect the allocation or regulation of the joint venture, which must be created by the takers, without its own legal personality, and are subject to the Ministry of Oil and Energy. In order to meet its obligations, the licensee must take systematic measures to monitor and actively monitor the purchasing strategies and decisions concerning subcontractors, with a view to verifying and documenting the goods and services provided. The details of the maritime obligation are complex; Therefore, this update only indicates the main feature.