We are also involved in the development of the regional labour market. We work with schools and municipalities. We are leading the development of social work. The Employment and Policy Committee of the Employment and Policy Committee of the Employment Committee. We are experimenting how we can get people to learn the basic social skills that are expected/necessary. As in the case of the Erasmus programme, applicants for bilateral agreements are selected by the school or faculty in which they are enrolled and pay their rights to the university of origin and not to the host university. Studies carried out abroad are recognized by the student`s university of origin. Bilateral agreements: Comillas has signed agreements with universities in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, Asia and Latin America. The DUO programme is part of the ASEM (Asia Europe Meeting) process and offers exchange scholarships to European and Asian students and teachers. Pontifical Comillas University currently has exchange agreements with singapore Management University and Sogang University in Korea and several others (see list of agreements on the website). For the borough of Soest, the local coordination centre for the transition from school to work is tasked with bringing together all the partners involved in the transition process, organising transport, launching consultations, concluding agreements between partners, monitoring the effectiveness of measures and ensuring quality control and evaluation at the local level. In addition, the local coordination centre is an integral part of the local education authority, which offers regular education conferences and technical meetings on all issues related to education and issues related to the transition process.

IUTBN- University of Lorraine Type of agreement – ERASMUS-www.univ-lorraine.fr/formation/ufr-faculties-schools-institute/iut-de-metz Important themes are career and professional orientation focused on the labour market, social entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship in general, promotion technologies, talent development and personalized learning. Above all, we strive to study the learning paths that are being learned. The community puts a lot of energy and passion into building networks and sustaining them. STESURA Learning Agreement (LA): Lo studente, sotto la supervisione del docente di riferimento del proprio corso di laurea, dovré provvedere ad individuare gli esami che saranno sostenuti all`estero compatibilmente con il periodo di soggiorno stabilito. Verré quindi compilato il Learning Agreement (LA) (Learning Agreement for study availability alla pagina www.unipa.it/amministrazione/area2/uoa06/erasmus/modulistica-per-studenti/) che saré sottoscritto dallo studente, dal coordinatore del CdS e dal responsabile dell`accordo Erasmus. The curriculum follows a mixed learning approach. Only the first semester is conceived as a study experience on campus, where students experience personal courses with intense and regular group work on our beautiful Soest campus. Provide hands-on learning in the direction of innovation in 4IR and ICT for a hyper-globalized world. The characteristics of schools are an excellent learning environment with serenity, order and clarity, plenty of room for talent development, learning staff, good preparation for the next stage of education (professional training and vocational training), business education by supporting independence, self-esteem, courage and creativity. The second semester offers the possibility of an internship in a company organization, while it participates in the compulsory modules through e-learning. Founded in 1955, the „Steirische Verein f-r Bildung und Wirtschaft – STVG“ is an educational institution focused on „education and economics“ that produces a lasting effect, entrepreneurial, economic, industrial training at the local and regional level, but also in many national and European cooperations.

The STVG is a member of the `Sterreichischen Vereinigung for Bildung – VG`, which is recognised as a popular university as such under the Law on the Promotion of Adult Education