Via the phone – You can take your client`s data over the phone, but you need to provide additional information if you look at these details (to learn more below). Telephone authorizations apply to TEL levies. If you use GoCardless as tPPP, setting up and managing ACH levy fees is simple, with: An ACH debit authorization is a customer`s authorization to recover future payments from the company. Before a company can start withdrawing debit payments from a customer, it must obtain an ACH debit authorization from a customer. Notification of the authorization automatically sent to your customers before payments are made in the same way as paper permissions, if a customer sends a completed online authorization form, you must send him a written message about the authorization. This can be done by email. The ACH online debit authorization uses digital authorization forms hosted on the Internet. As with their paper equivalent, online permission forms do not have a standard format or layout, but must contain several key elements (mentioned above). Once the authorization is complete, you can manage it outside the ACH network. Customers should contact you directly to cancel an authorization under which you must: explain to the customer how to revoke their authorization, including the required notice period (minimizing the likelihood of a misunderstanding) Any company that uses online authorizations must submit to an annual security check, unless it files through a TPPP.

This audit is intended to guarantee a bank-approved online authorization form that is fully compliant with your customers And if a customer has provided a single-use authorization, you cannot reuse it if they wish to reinstall a recurring payment. In these cases, you must issue a new authorization. An instruction that the authorization of a single entry levy is ACH (for single payments) before you begin adoption of the ACH debit authorization over the phone, note that you can only do so if: The script you use to obtain the authorization must contain: As mentioned above, the ACH authorization forms do not have a standard format or layout , but must contain several key elements. Once a customer has returned a completed form for paper authorization, you must: Online – your customer can give permission online. Online permissions apply to WEB levies. Your clients can fill out an ACH authorization form in three ways: In this context, an existing relationship means either having a written agreement or the customer has purchased goods or services from you in the past two years.