19. They settled in a friendly silence, when they had breakfast and turned the pages. 21. So everyone put their heads together and finally an amicable settlement was reached. I hope that the insurance and the driver can reach an amicable agreement on the value of the real estate. 🔊 4. Its nature was perfectly friendly, but I felt uncomfortable. As my daughter cannot be friendly with her younger sister, she has lost her cell phone privileges. 🔊 The account collector had no friendly attitude when he called my house. 18.

🔊. The consensus resolution suggested that the Reformist President and the Radical Parliament might try to break their cycle of confrontation and deadlock. The two competitors reached an amicable truce. 🔊 Paul`s friendly personality allows him to be friends with everyone. 🔊 Amicable, late Late Latelateamicabilis, which means „friendly,“ is one of the English words used to offer cordial relations. Friendships, neighbourliness, camaraderie and kindness all mean that they are of good will or lack of antagonism or that they show it. By mutual agreement implies a state of peace and the desire of the parties not to argue („they had friendly relations“; „friendly negotiation process“). Neighbourhood involves a willingness to live well with others, especially those who are nearby, and to be fundamentally useful („neighbourhood“).

Companionable offers conviviality and camaraderie („a friendly dinner with friends“). Friendly emphasizes the cordiality and often the warmth or intimacy of personal relationships („friendly correspondence“). Although the officer was friendly to the two residents, he had to give a quote to both people. 24. 🔊. Her split from Breen, who skates with 17-year-old Kate Robinson, was consensual. 23. Yes, if feline, owl, aggressive and passive, hostile and alternately friendly. 5. TranslateEN.com is an online sentence dictionary on which you can find excellent sentences for a large number of words. 22.

First, Henman parted ways with his long-time coach, David Felgate (TranslateEN.com), with both sides insisting it was a friendly farewell. 30. Why did Miguel feel compelled to break up with Spider on friendly terms? 29. David Verklin, Managing Director of Hal Riney, stated that the separation was consensual because it was never an ongoing relationship. 26. Here too, a fair employer should be profoundly relegated to the background and try to find an amicable solution through debate. Most customer service employees are consensual people who are good at resolving disputes.